Chaos Writing

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Have you ever had a hundred thoughts go through your head at the same time? It’s like a choose your own adventure book and the only thing you aren’t sure is what the outcome of each scenario will hold. This is exactly what happens to me when I write. Yes, I am not a planned writer I admit it. Not planned? What does this actually mean? Well for a start the story surprises me where ever it goes. Is it a good thing….. I am not entirely sure. In saying that I do have a sense of where the story is going but how i get from these two points I let the story unfold in its own time. I let my words come to life. Then I realised that its kinda not like me to live my life that way. Does my writing secretly take on a different persona then my own? Am I writing recklessly because I normally would plan my life right down to the smallest detail? They say writing is therapeutic and in some scenarios I would agree, then there is the latter. This is when the writing is anything but therapeutic, it’s literally chaos writing. So let me explain my exact step by step process. Let me know if you think this is totally crazy or not.

  • Step 1) I sit in front of my laptop and read where the last part of the story finished up.
  • Step 2) I type. I let whatever wants to come out…….. scrap that……needs to come out flow from me. I don’t stop to think, I just write. whatever it is good or bad I won’t know till I read it back later that night.
  • Step 3) The retracing of what has just been jotted down. If good I continue to write, if bad delete and retry step 2.
  • Step 4) Flesh it out. I go back after the chapter and just keep playing with it. Making it get beefed up. probably my favourite part of writing.
  • Step 5) Feel geraly happy that I let my creative side take over and that I continued my story.

I guess the questions that you need to answer is, who are you writing for? I write to keep myself happy and if someone else enjoys my work then awesome. Once again, this is something that is totally not like me. In most of my hobbies ( podcast/comic books) I want to get as many people following me as possible. See to me the more people who are involved the more inspiration I normally get and the more joy I feel when I complete the episode. With writing it’s so personal. Who cares what happens once its out there. I think it’s truely the best way to write. I’m not sure as a reader if its more special that there are few reading my works. Maybe its like an elite group and only a few of us share this moment together, the secret writers club. Either way I bet we have one thing in common. Whatever way you write, chaotic or planned, the outcome is the same. The joy of the perfect sentence, the feeling of making the picture that you build for your reader. You are on your own adventure and you love what you do. You my friend are a story-teller. A world builder (that’s pretty much the coolest power ever). Even the strongest superhero couldn’t build an entire world like you can.




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