Do software programs really help?

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So by now you all know that I am writing a book and my goal is to release a draft every month until the book is complete. If you read back to my previous blogs you will be able to already find the first couple of chapters. So I would love to talk about using a writing software and if I actually needed it. From everywhere I can read there are three main softwares out there.

Ulysses for $69.95 – focusing on plot development and free from distraction writing, Ulysses looks like my first choice that I am considering. The things that I love is that you can cross-platform these on any apple device. Meaning that I can jot down things on my phone and be able to turn those quick ideas into proper full-fledged content. It seems a cool way to know your ideas will never be forgotten ( I am very much an ideas come to me when I least expect it kinda guy ) The other powerful tool I love about Ulysses is the ability to produce amazing e books quite instantly and see what it would look like in various formats. This definitely will help when it comes closer to that stage.

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Scrivener for $69.95 – once again another powerful tool for distraction free writing. ( distraction free writing simply means that it takes away a lot of outside nonsense that pulls you away when you are writing ) The thing that I love about Scrivener is the pin board where you can arrange your thoughts and almost story board your writing. Great for deeper plots and an easy place to find important things that you may need to come back to. From everywhere that I read, it does state that Scrivener is a harder to get your head around program, but apparently great once you do.

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Pages Free on Mac – Now I know that this program was free when i bought my MacBook Air so i believe it’s a free program still to this day. Pages is the closest thing to Microsoft word that I could find ( Word was the program that I started writing One Life on ) It’s easy to use and has your basic word format tools at your disposal. I do find that I do use some of these features when i am trying to continue thinking about my next sentence to write, so i am leaning towards distraction free writing.

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I guess I would love to know what programs you guys use and if it actually helps you when you write or is it a non necessary purchase. I am also already 60 pages in so I am unaware if it will be easy to transfer from one program to another without too much hassle or if I should wait till I start another story later down the road. Any advice would be awesome. I am also a pretty impulsive guy and at the moment I haven’t needed any software help, so not sure if the software is going to distract me or enhance me.


4 thoughts on “Do software programs really help?

  1. Salutations!

    Just use Word. It is so easy to use and most modern programs can read the word file format easily as well if you ever wanted to make the switch.
    Plus, it has WordArt 😉

    Plus plus, on the newer builds, 2013-onwards, the whole GUI can be arranged to display or not display everything you’ll ever need, with also having the option to convert to a PDF for e-book availability for all OS users.

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    1. Very true. It was probably just one of those days where I was thinking, wow if these programs can do half the stuff then this will make my life easier. Lol. Don’t know what I was thinking as most of time consuming stuff is story based and working out the best way to get your thoughts out there and down into the program. Appreciate the reply and you may have saved me some dollars 🙂


  2. I personally love SCAPPLE – another product by the Scrivener producers, ‘Literature and Latte’. It’s a great brain-storming tool, and opens up quickly – which is exactly what I want when I suddenly have a bolt of inspiration. And then, once it’s down, I can move it around and connect it to other thoughts. After that, I can put it into Scrivener. I find Word is not designed by writers so takes ages to return to. My biggest problem is storing and knowing where to find my episodes of brilliance (lol)… but Google Drive is helping me with that – as long as there is an internet connection available.

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