Hiding True Emotions In Characters

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Writing is an escape. You can grab all your faults, all your fears and put them fictionally on someone else. The character then deals with the situation and ultimately comes to terms with these bigger issues. It’s the natural progression of a character to overcome this and become stronger. They grow. But does this mean the writer has dealt with the issues at hand. The issues that mirror their own? Probably not. Writers write because something inside of them needs to come out. What writers are really good at though, is hiding which emotions are theirs and which emotions are just there to progress the story. We hide in plain sight. Sometimes there are multiple characters in their story that are both going through conflicting issues. I repeat, its very hard to write what you don’t know. These pieces become so entangled and so true to reality that we become so scared of what people will think because it has become personal. If someone doesn’t like the character in the story, does that mean they don’t like me? We delve deeper and deeper into thoughts and feelings until we unravel and hide behind the fiction in the story. Thats not me, thats just the character. Most therapies say to write down your feelings. Keep a journal. Well, whats better than a journal than a progressive story detailed with thoughts and emotions. Stories are the ultimate choice makers. What happens when character A continues down the spiralling path? Will character B stop feeling the anxiety inside of him? These are choices that people are faced with everyday, but what most people don’t realise, that as they read that part of the story there was something ultimately going on behind the scenes. The writer pours his/her passion into their work. They live and breath it. They put down all the feelings they can and hope that the reader understands. They hope that the reader is gentle.

All I am saying is that writing is an escape, but sometimes its a different type of escape. Its a thought process and the characters will follow what the author wants them to do. When you read it and think that they should have done something differently. Thats life. People always make the wrong decisions. No one is perfect, but I love to think that at its core that is what makes a good story. The imperfections of people. Just remember that the book sometimes has mirrored the authors emotions in that time. They just don’t know how to deal with them that they write it in their stories. Writing is an escape.


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